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domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014


Like its common in our society, new year comes and we make resolutions. And I have some, not many as I'm one lazy bitch, but I intend on making this happen by the end of this year.
  • Take my drivers license (starting on the 14th of this month)
  • Not fuck up my new phone (you'd think this wouldn't be a resolution)
  • Get fit by means of gymn or something of sort 
  • Move out (again) with my man and my son to a place of our own
  • Keep my hair ginger (this is probably the hardest one to do)
  • Get back to gaming (mildly) 
  • Get a higher position in my work (means more money money)
  • Keep painting and photographing 
  • Do more DIY projects
  • Get more tattoos (duh)
  • Change the look of the blog
  • Get rid of the alias xingoffdays (that is why you now see RubyFox) - xingoffdays was associated with this blog which just reminds me of so much shit in the past. If I could change the Polly I would but since I got mostly known by that I decided to keep it.
  • Keep being as happy as I am - Major goal to me. Happiness never came easy for me, and finally I am how I wanted to be and I thank to all the people who were there for me and helped me in a way or another. 
My new year's eve was spent in Porto and goddamn let me tell you, they know how to do firework!

the only photo I have of that night. My man, me and Marina 

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  1. More tattoos ;_; do want...
    Happiness is the most important of it all,
    You go girl :3