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domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014


Like its common in our society, new year comes and we make resolutions. And I have some, not many as I'm one lazy bitch, but I intend on making this happen by the end of this year.
  • Take my drivers license (starting on the 14th of this month)
  • Not fuck up my new phone (you'd think this wouldn't be a resolution)
  • Get fit by means of gymn or something of sort 
  • Move out (again) with my man and my son to a place of our own
  • Keep my hair ginger (this is probably the hardest one to do)
  • Get back to gaming (mildly) 
  • Get a higher position in my work (means more money money)
  • Keep painting and photographing 
  • Do more DIY projects
  • Get more tattoos (duh)
  • Change the look of the blog
  • Get rid of the alias xingoffdays (that is why you now see RubyFox) - xingoffdays was associated with this blog which just reminds me of so much shit in the past. If I could change the Polly I would but since I got mostly known by that I decided to keep it.
  • Keep being as happy as I am - Major goal to me. Happiness never came easy for me, and finally I am how I wanted to be and I thank to all the people who were there for me and helped me in a way or another. 
My new year's eve was spent in Porto and goddamn let me tell you, they know how to do firework!

the only photo I have of that night. My man, me and Marina 

segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2013

update *big amount of photos*

I've been trying to update this for the last two months but the truth is, procrastination has taken the best of me and so I've been postponing this until today. First some photos I took months and months ago but never really uploaded them here

Since July (my last complete post) much as happen but I'll keep it short because my will to write is almost non-existent. Months ago I was going for a sub-manager position on my job but health got in the way, so I had to lower my position to the most insignificant one: 10hour job (per week). That is correct, I've been surviving, thanks to the help of my parents with barely 200€ a month (and to those who don't know I have a son *shock*). If you put "anorexia", stress, spending all the time working, excessive medication that did nothing, anxiety and depression, the inability to produce hormones (lack of period), alcohol and drugs together you get my state of mind at that time. So I decided to sacrifice job in order to get my life on track, and successfully I did, about two months ago. I weight now 53kg, regained my hormones, stopped smoking drugs as much as I use to (I still drink but very little), I've been promoted to a higher position (back where I used to be basically), stopped taking any type of pills, been free of anxiety, or at least most of the times, and not a sign of depression. "Coincidentally", all this happened two months after getting together with my man and I owe him a lot for the better state of my health. Although we're miles apart we don't let that come in a way, as it's only a small bump on the road that will be taken care of in a short amount of time.
Here are some photos of when I went to Porto to meet him 


And here are some of us, when he came to visit me